I can’t believe summer has come to an end! It’s bittersweet because I love the dip in the pool late in the evening and the excursions on the California beaches, but the excitement of Fall shopping softens the string a little. I always look forward to bringing out my bomber jackets, blazers, hoodies and layering pieces back coz it just adds to the style quotient!


Here are 4 style pieces that everyone needs for the Autumn in California:

  1. Something fun! You will never regret investing in a statement piece that you are excited to wear. I love the idea of wearing all American pride clothing by Foxtrot Tactical. A basic American flag shirt is always fun to throw in with a perfectly fitting pair of distressed jeans. Let your personality and style say you are fun and stand by American values.
  2. Staples, you can mix and match. This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about buying clothes. The more versatile and mixable the pieces you buy, the more use you’ll get out of them. Think solids, layers, and classic patterns like stars & stripes American flag clothing or American tactical apparel by Foxtrot Tactical. A few new pieces can go a long way and create multiple outfits.
  3. Graphics. There’s a happy middle ground between busy prints and basic solids and it’s called graphics! They are a great way to let your personality show through and can help break up the patterned and solid pieces you own. I love the strong messages on lots of American pride clothing available at Foxtrot Tactical, They are pretty accurate in displaying my feelings towards the nation. A nice graphic shirt with a kickass message makes my day energetic!

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